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✅ 90-Minute Float - $37

✅ 60-Minute Float - $32

✅ 90-Minute Couples Float - $47

✅ 60-Minute Couples Float - $42

✅ 30-Minute Infrared Sauna - $15

✅ 60-Minute Massage - $49

Benefits of Floating

Relieves stress
✔ Recovery your mind & body
✔ Accelerates the recovery from injury
✔ Increases energy
✔ Ideal space for visualization
✔ Boosts the immune system
✔ Reduces Lactic acid levels in the body
✔ Aids in facilitated rest

Who Wouldn't Want This?

It's time to put YOU first. Enjoy these benefits.

1 Year
of Self Care.

1 Year of Guilt Free Zen.

1 Year of  in Store Discounts.

1 Year of Pure Saltiness.

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  • 5 star review  My first float was a wonderful experience. The staff was amazing. It set the tone for the entire visit. She explained everything and answered all my questions. Everything you need is provided you make your experience a good one. As it was my first float, I was anxious in the beginning and it took me about 15-20 minutes to settle down and really relax. Once I! It’s truly a feeling that is hard to describe. You know your body is there but you can’t feel it. With the light off, no noise, and being weightless you can clear your thoughts and just be. I have already booked 2 more and am looking forward to them very much.

    thumb Mindy Press Boos

    4 star review  First time floater. Enjoyed it, but would probably enjoy it more the 2nd time. Kinda like going in for your first massage. Not sure what to expect, even though they are very informative and prepared. Plus, I had a lot of tension to release! definitely enjoyed it and want to go back again. Really want my husband to go. Was a little disappointed when the radio didn’t work for me to listen to music, even though its recommended not to have the lights or music on during my float. The owner is super nice, very informative and isn’t pushy at all when it came to trying to sell sessions.

    thumb Kelly Earls Rockers

    5 star review  It was amazing! Friendly staff and very clean facility! Definitely worth the trip! Would absolutely do it again. Great place to be able to shut down and reflect!

    thumb Pamela Hine
  • 5 star review  I floated for the first time on Saturday and it was amazing! I not only was relaxed but my senses and mood were heightened afterwards. The whole time here I felt comfortable and everything was thoroughly explained to me prior to the float, I was nervous about a few things but Casey answered every question and was very helpful. I didn’t ever feel rushed, confused or worried about the experience the whole time I was here. There was a regular floater there at the same time that I was (she just got done) and I could tell that the atmosphere was homey and inviting and that the staff really care about their clients. I will definitely be visiting again for my monthly self-care �

    thumb Aly Branch

    5 star review  My favorite evening activity in Topeka. Great folks. Clean place. And the float is an experience like no other.

    thumb Bo Turney

    5 star review  Wonderful float experience! Owner does a terrific job managing his business and still helping customers! Clean, peaceful, easy experience. Thank you for helping us relax!!

    thumb Sherlyn Rogers
  • 3 star review  Loved the warm floating. I was in the “cabin”, which felt nice and spacious. It was quite warm in both the cabin and in the adjoining shower area. They also have “pods” available in which to float. When you enter the float area, you can choose to leave the door open or shut, lights on or off, and music or silence. With the door shut and the lights off, it is totally dark. But I never felt claustrophobic. Staff was pleasant and had the room ready even though I arrived a bit early. My caveats: - The concentration of Epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide in the water was difficult (and a bit painful) for me to tolerate. The third time I had to get out and rinse off, I gave up. They suggested that if I make another appointment, I contact them so that they can plan to adjust the concentration before the float. If you have sensitive skin, you may wish to do the same. Also note the recommendation that you do not shave prior to your float appointment. If your stand has to be sensitive, you probably want to not shave for at least several days prior. - The shampoo and body wash products are all scented. I suggested that they consider having non-scented products available. - Although everything seem clean, there were places in the shower area up toward the ceiling that had brown or black discoloration. It is a very damp space, so I suspect mildew. I hope it is not mold. I did not notice anything like this in the float cabin itself. - The spaces are decently appointed, and tgey have given consideration to what a client may need: earplugs, ear rinse and Qtips for afterward, robe, shower shoes, etc. But I noticed a really bad paint job in the bathroom and the cabin shower area. It wouldn’t be difficult to rectify that, install rubber baseboard strip, and do minor touch ups that would make the spaces more clean and professional-looking. Even with the float interruptions (to rinse off several times), I really enjoyed the floating part itself. It helped ease some neck/shoulder/arm pain that I was having. With a few modifications, this could be a 5-star experience!

    thumb Nac Nacm

    5 star review  I have had a membership for almost a year. The best investment I have made for my health. It is like a great massage, a nice rest and that wonderful point in a vacation when your nerves unspool. Fantastic!! If you have not tried it you should.

    thumb Erin McGinnis

    5 star review  Friendly , knowledgeable staff. My first float felt amazing. Weightless tranquility in the void.

    thumb Jennifer McCarley
  • 5 star review  I was skeptical heading in. It was awesome though. I do not want to say too much other than hands down 5 stars. Easily. With how awesome the experience is and how great the owner is, this place is about to have a rapid expansion in business. It's a must check out in Topeka.

    thumb Brady Hoffman

    5 star review  Love everyone at Midwest Float, Casey is wonderful and everyone there goes above and beyond making each float exceptional! I start looking forward to my next float as soon as I leave the building. Floating is the only time I get that is totally silent and my cluttered mind gets to just be quite. Also, it’s helped decrease the number of leg cramps I get at night. It’s official, I hooked.

    thumb Tiffany Strohmeyer

    5 star review  I had never experienced floating before... Everything was thoroughly explained to me and it was truly a very relaxing experience for me. I can’t wait to schedule my next float. I even purchased gift cards for family and have told all my family and friends about it. It took me a little bit to relax because it was my first time, but I know the next time I go I will be able to relax easier because I know what to expect. I came home and slept like a baby! I have arthritis and deal with chronic pain, this helped relax my body and give me some major relief. The facility is clean and the ambiance is relaxing and of course the owner is extremely friendly and helpful if you have any questions. I am grateful for something like this in Topeka.

    thumb BA Mar
  • 5 star review  Went for my first float today, I really enjoyed it. There was plenty of quiet and privacy for me to fully relax. The temperature was perfect. Normally my mind is constantly running but when I got in there and turned off the lights I found my mind emptier than it had been in a very long time. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to clear their head and de-stress.

    thumb Hannahjo Wheeler

    5 star review  I had such a great experience at Midwest Float! It was so relaxing and awesome!!! I usually go to the beach for my birthday...I enjoyed floating just as much it’s sooo relaxing like the ocean and just as salty too � Thank you Casey!!

    thumb Bridget Johnson

    5 star review  Floated for the first time tonight. Will definitely be going back.

    thumb Bobbi Smith

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